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What We Do

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Capabilities Statement

TAYO provides comprehensive, individualized, and focused services to improve human development and help alleviate poverty. The TAYO team has high levels of technical and creative excellence with which to support the improvement of public health, education, economic, and social protection systems. Our experts are committed to working in close partnership with our public and private sector clients to achieve greater social impact and long-lasting change.

Core Competencies 
The TAYO team of experts has diverse and proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Management and Leadership Support: TAYO provides an array of management and leadership support services to its clients ,from convening meetings to embarking on data modelling that provides a 360 degree insight to providing practical frameworks for analyzing and evaluating new revenue streams that complement traditional donor sources. We also do a deep dive on the client's programs to recommend process optimization and action plans.
  • Program Design and Implementation: We help our clients develop and implement effective programs that improve the lives of children and families by helping with program design and implementation, conducting high-quality, culturally appropriate program baseline research, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Capacity Building: We partner with our clients to nurture and enhance their capacity by providing customized training and technical assistance services. Our efforts focus on improving the infrastructure, management, and leadership capacity of institutions that support children and families.
  • Advised Giving and Grants support: TAYO assists its philanthropic clients to develop or refine their own philanthropic goals, to identify or design program activities, and to help identify appropriate charitable organizations through which the donor’s philanthropic goals can be implemented. TAYO conducts pre-grant due diligence on prospective grantees and helps monitor program performance. Additionally, TAYO supports grant-seeking organizations looking to successfully apply for, implement, manage, or evaluate their programs.


 Working With TAYO


The TAYO team has direct experience, cultural insight, linguistic skills, and deep networks that allow us to create partnerships between clients such as government ministries (e.g., health, education, and finance), community-based organizations, foundations, corporations, and other groups. Our experts have first-hand experience and understand the challenges facing vulnerable children and families in Africa and the special challenges that low-income communities encounter in the United States, especially refugee and immigrant populations. We work at a systems level to address these challenges and create advocacy platforms for sustainable community action.