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Current Projects

Pipeline To Integration Initiative 

With the support of local philanthropic funders, corporations and key community partners, Tayo Consulting Group is spearheading a three-year catalytic project to enhance the infrastructure, management and leadership of select African community-based nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities. Expected outcomes from this initiative include: 

  • More effective institutions and enhanced management and leadership capacity of key organization leaders 

  • Improved Out of Classroom youth programs as demonstrated by evidence-based interventions, creation of program logic models and the use of positive role models

  • A potential new talent pool that could help increase the racial diversity of Minnesota's mainstream nonprofit/ philanthropic leadership

  • More African-run organizations that are linked with mainstream systems on issues of education, health, economic empowerment and civic leadership

World in We

World in We is a multimedia education and production program to build social and classroom cohesion by commissioning original short form media from communities that are ordinarily the subjects of media scrutiny rather than producers of their own stories on mainstream distribution outlets. Structured as an ongoing anthology series, we invest in a small group of powerful voices from a common community to create original stories and curate existing works to develop our series episodes under a united theme. Fiction or non-fiction, poetic or prosaic, visual or written, our only rule is to keep the stories in the short form. We then share these stories on public television broadcast and on an open access interactive website. As a whole, World in We aims to challenge monolithic and stereotypical narratives of entire groups of people by distributing multiple narratives of common identities on one platform, to develop the portfolios and professional networks of emerging media makers, and provide educators with an open access platform to engage their students with responsive new media tools.

Peacebuilding/ Equity

During this time of great political division in our country and conflict around the world, Tayo Consulting Group has been exploring ways that we can build the sort of beloved community that Martin Luther King envisioned for all Americans. In response, Tayo's Principal, Hamse Warfa, will lead a series of leadership training sessions on human security, and a monthly roundtable where the group will discuss and tackle important, and sometimes neglected, issues of local and global importance. Using a structured yet flexible curriculum that relies on dialogue and participation from all those attending, each session’s approach and theme will be adapted for relevant audiences – be it for youth, public or private institutions, or the general population. Some expected outcomes of these sessions are:

  • Identifying the benefits of multi-stakeholder coordination

  • Identify and connect individuals with community causes

  • Building individual and group qualities of adaptive leadership

  • An increased knowledge of the drivers of complex global issues affecting local human security.

Attendees who complete the full version of the training will be awarded a certificate. Tayo Consulting Group is pleased to partner with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a network of over 100 peacebuilding organizations working in 153 countries.